Marigold the Golden Memories

🔷 BOOK: Marigold the Golden Memories
🔷 AUTHOR: Manali Debroy

Marigold and Golden Memories is a wonderful collection of short stories that will quickly impress you and you will be able to relate to many stories. The stories are written from author’s own experiences or from the experiences of people she has met.

Through this book, we could see and connect to many emotions that we also face in life oftenly. There is so much to know from this book as each chapter has something different to offer to the readers.

Since this is a short book so you will finish 10 short stories in no time. The Unattended Kiss, Stilettos to the rescue, Do You Work? are among my favourite stories. Cover of the book is light. Title of the story is suitable. This book is suitable for those who love reading short stories.

Rating: 4/5

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