A booktiful LOVE

🔷 BOOK: A booktiful LOVE
🔷 AUTHOR: Tolu’ A Akinyemi

I love reading poetry. Recently I picked this book “A booktiful LOVE” by the author Tolu’ A Akinyemi. This book is a collection of poems written in three parts. Each and every poem is full of emotions. In these poems author has described different feelings such as loud voices, grief in solitude, life lessons, a date with hope.

My favourite lines:
Failure only becomes pronounced when
there are gaping holes like broken voices
on a transistor radio. There are days I find myself
on a walk with hope on a lonely street.
Hope took me to new heights.
In those days I was given the boot
and mistaken for the kill. The prey. The noblest
of men became an artifact, a piece of record.

Cover of the book is simple. Title is totally appropriate. Overall, it’s a nice read.

Rating 4/5

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