Rainbow of Emotions

🔵 BOOK: Rainbow of Emotions
🔵 AUTHOR: Djehane Hassouna

Poetry is something that is very close to my heart. Recently I read the poetry book RAINBOW OF EMOTIONS written by the author Djehane Hassouna. This book is a collection of different poems that are inspired from the situations the author has encountered in her life. 

We all need Light in our lives. Light’s many dimensions
Illuminate our environment as well as our soul.
We require Light to observe, discover, analyze, and elucidate
As well as Light to feel, comprehend,
Reason out, accept, or refuse.
We need the Light of Reason and the Light of Love
To fill our hearts and minds.

The poem Light tells the readers that we need light not just around us but also inside us. So, the author is inspiring us to light within. 

‘A Source of Inspiration’ is my favorite poem since books are my mentors and they have helped me to become who I am today. Books have played an important part in my growth. 

Author’s words are simple. Cover photo of the book is nice. Even if you aren’t used to reading poetry, you could connect with these poems. Three Hundred Wishes is a wonderful poem that has touched my heart and has inspired me to do good. 

I am thankful to the author for sharing her work with us. I would be honored to read more of her works in the near future.

🔵 RATING: 5/5


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