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🔵 BOOK: SoulBreather
🔵 AUTHOR: Helen Garraway

Those who love reading paranormal fantasy series should get their hands on Helen Garraway’s book SoulBreather. The story begins with a fallen angel Mav who ended up in Eidolon. Instead of finding any information about his downfall, Mav found out more about how children were cast out, betrayed, and abused. Mav has been looking for proof that the people without the soul can be redeemed. There is no SoulBreather to restore the soul. 

A SoulSinger Solanji was given a difficult and dangerous task by a seraphim. Solanji agreed to do anything for the sake of her younger brother who has been caught stealing and will be sentenced to Eidolon. 

Will Solanji meet Mav in Eidolon? Both Solanji and Mav are my favorite characters. I loved the way Mav was selfless and wanted to protect the abused children even at the cost of his own life. The author has created a great fantasy world. The narration is smooth and I felt like I was on an adventurous journey with the characters themselves. Go ahead with this book. You would be delighted to read it.

🔵 RATING: 5/5

The Stairs on Billy Buck Hill

🔵 BOOK: The Stairs on Billy Buck Hill
🔵 AUTHOR: Steven Orebaugh
🔵 RATING: 5/5

Qotd: Have you read any novels involving anesthesia and anesthesiologists?

The Stairs on Billy Buck Hill is a gripping story written by the author Steven Orebaugh who is well aware about anesthesia and Pittsburgh. Dr Kurt McCain is a highly successful anesthesiologist. He had good relations with his loved ones. 

His life turned upside down when he met a financial analyst who manipulated him to get pain medications. The story is about the time when Opioids were bringing destruction. The research work was going on to reduce the need for opioid drugs as they cause so many problems for patients. 

The plot of the story is amazing. Steven has introduced a whole new world to the readers through his book. The pace of the story is fast and I enjoyed every bit of the story. The characters are interesting and written well. 

I am definitely interested in reading more books by the author in the future.

Magical Elements of the Periodic Table

🔵 BOOK: Magical Elements of the Periodic Table
🔵 AUTHOR: Sybrina Durant

This book written by Sybrina Durant will help the readers to learn about the magic of metals and other elements from the periodic table. 

The illustrations are beautiful and made this book more enjoyable. I appreciate the research Sybrina must have done in writing this book. 

“No Metal, No Magic” song lyrics are amazing. It helps us to realize how important metals are in our life. The author has also included definitions of atomic number, atomic weight, ductile metals, etc. 

I really appreciate the amount of effort Sybrina has put into this book. It is clearly visible to the readers. Looking forward to reading more books by the author.

🔵 RATING: 5/5

The Color of Friendship

🔵 BOOK: The Color of Friendship

🔵 AUTHOR: Adrienne C. Graham

🔵 Rating: 5/5

🔵 Review:

Recently I read the Children’s Book “The Color of Friendship” to my nephew. It is a well written book and the first book by the author Adrienne C. Graham that I have read.

Violet Plum is a young girl who loves Indigoville. She has been living here since birth and Violet wants to live here in the future as well. Violet’s mom has been looking for a job which would give her more time with Violet. Her dream is coming true with a new job. But they would have to move to a new place. Would Violet accept to move to a new place?

Read this story to know what Violet would find different in the new town. This is a great story. The author has done a wonderful job in this book. The author has managed to write a story on the sensitive topic in such a beautiful way. Parents should add this book to their children’s bookshelf. It’s a book worth reading.

That Magic Mischief

🔵 BOOK: That Magic Mischief
🔵 AUTHOR: Susanna Allen
🔵 RATING: 5/5

Romance and fantasy are my favorite genres. Therefore I picked Susanna Allen’s ‘That Magic Mischief’. This book is about witch Annabelle Walsh. Her heart was broken by her boyfriend of three years and nine months. Annabelle was frustrated that she couldn’t fix her heart with a spell. She wants to heal quickly.

Handsome Jamie Flynn and a shapeshifting Pooka Callie was what Annabelle needed to get over her heartbreak. Jamie Flynn is a painter and Annabelle is a scribe. Jamie is attracted to Annabelle’s curvy body, dark blue eyes, nice voice, etc. Annabelle also is more than interested in him.

The characters are lively. The touch of Irish mythology made this book more gripping. Annabelle, her friends, Jamie and Callie’s characters wouldn’t fail to win your heart. I love the flow of the story. My energy was high the entire time as I read this book. Susanna has a writing style that would hook the readers to their seat until they finish the book.

A great book. If you love stories involving witches, magic, mischief, love, heartbreak then go with this book. It’s a book worth reading.


🔵 BOOK: Attaboy
🔵 AUTHOR: Caleb Thornton

Attaboy is a memoir written by the author Caleb Thornton. In this book, Caleb has shared his true feelings. His mother has always been religious. Her mother used to stay busy at work and Caleb enjoyed the company of his father. His father always let him be himself.

One day, when things turned ugly, Caleb’s parents took divorce. Caleb’s father was allowed to spend time with him on weekends. Caleb loved the way his father makes him feel loved. Will things change after his father’s marriage? Read this book to know more about the author.

I love reading memoirs. I had a great time reading this book. The author has done a fantastic job in this book. He has shared his feelings and secrets. I appreciate his guts in sharing about his life with all of us. Go ahead with this memoir. You would enjoy it.

🔵 RATING: 5/5

Unremembered 2

🔵 BOOK: Unremembered 2
🔵 AUTHOR: Ken Zurski

🔵 Review:
“Unremembered Book 2: Actors, Artists, Entertainers & Influencers” is the first book that I have read written by the author Ken Zurski. If you are a history buff then you would find this non-fiction historical book intriguing. 

In this book, the author has featured many personalities that were once famous but have been forgotten with time. This is a great book to remember the forgotten people from history. The title of the book is totally according to its contents and I appreciate the author’s choice for it. I am glad to read about Edward Steichen, Charles Klein, Felix Nadar, Mrs Pat Campbell, etc. 

With these people, the author takes us to France, Germany, Paris, etc. In this book, readers would find many interesting topics like wealth, passion, friendship, travel, etc. This book hooked my attention to the last page and I am interested in reading “Unremembered: Tales of the Nearly Famous & the Not Quite Forgotten” also. The stories are unique, entertaining and heartbreaking at times. 

Add this book to your tbr. You would be delighted while reading it. 

🔵 Rating: 5/5

Falling Home by Libby

🔵 BOOK: Falling Home
🔵 AUTHOR: Libby Kay

Christmas is near and this holiday season, you can pick a copy of Libby Kay’s “Falling Home: A Buckeye Falls Novel”.

The main characters of the story are Max Sanchez and Ginny Meyer. Once they were friends and then they became husband and wife. It has been two years now since they have divorced each other. Max still loves Ginny and he hopes to find his way back to her. It was Ginny who had left him and she went to New York. Now, Ginny is back in her hometown. She crosses paths with Max. Will they get back together? 

Readers who love reading romantic stories should get their hands on this one. I enjoyed every bit of this book. It is according to my reading taste. The characters are well written by the author. A perfect book for this holiday season. I am glad to get my hands on this book. It’s a well written book by the author.

🔵 RATING: 5/5

A Week with Waffles

🔵 BOOK: A week with Waffles
🔵 AUTHOR: Tom Speicher

Recently I got my hands on the Children’s Book ‘A Week with Waffles’. This story is about a pet Waffles. She is a guinea pig. Waffles live with her best friend Tom. Tom always takes good care of her so she stays safe, healthy and comfortable.

Waffles have a great week schedule. It made me realize that I waste my time without engaging myself in fun activities. Parents would be inspired to plan their kids’ week after reading this book.

This book inspires kids to learn the days of the week. They would also get fun ideas to make the most of their week. The beautiful illustrations would catch kids’ attention on the first look. Parents should add this book to their children’s bookshelf. I enjoyed every bit of this story.

🔵 RATING: 5/5

Goal Get’em Girls

🔵 BOOK: Goal Get’em Girls!

🔵 AUTHOR: Dr. Joy Green


Calling all self-help book readers to get their hands on Joy Green’s “Goal Get’em Girls”. This is an inspirational book by the author. The New Year is near and many of us will be setting our goals like every year. We set our goals but then we don’t take action to achieve those goals.

In this book, the author has shared wisdom with us that will take us from goal setting to goal getting. The advice given by Joy in this book is something I really appreciate. I am definitely going to follow the tips to achieve my goals.

The author has clearly mentioned that without action, nothing happens. Also, I felt inspired when Joy mentioned that if our goals are important to us, we will find a way to achieve them.

The writing style of the author is nice. This book has given me many useful tips. Especially since it has opened my eyes to not just set goals but also write down the steps to achieve those. Then, we have to follow those steps to actually achieve our goals. Through self-reflection and tips from this book, I now have clarity about my goals. It’s a useful read. Don’t miss it. You will definitely find it worth your time.

🔵 RATING: 5/5